Product standard of high quality golden glitter powder

2020-08-10  2350

There are many kinds, colors and specifications of golden glitter powder on the market. The high-quality golden glitter powder is reflected in the following indicators:

1. High brightness: judging from the surface brightness, the high quality golden glitter powder has high flash, high brightness and obvious mirror effect.

2. Shape normalization: high quality golden glitter powder, under the microscope to see the shape of golden glitter powder, the shape is standard hexagonal, there is no difference in size and powder.

3. Strong acid and alkali resistance: high quality golden glitter powder can be soaked in strong acid and alkali for a long time to keep the color gorgeous.

4. High temperature resistance: can be cooking way, the golden glitter powder in high temperature cooking without fading or local fading is the top grade. This method is mostly used to identify golden glitter powder for golden glitter and nail polish.